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Coming home for dinner, honey?

Posted in Life by kafuwong on January 9, 2017

The telephone rang.  I picked the phone.

“Are you coming home for dinner?” My wife asked.

“What time is it?”  I replied.

“It is already six thirty.”  She said.

“Gosh.  I should be leaving office soon.  Should be home for dinner by seven thirty.”  I said.

“Good.  Dinner will be ready by seven thirty.”  She said.

It was eight when I opened the door.  My wife said, “We just started fifteen minutes ago.  Almost done.  Your son and I decided not to wait any longer.  We did save some for you.  All in the rice cooker.”  I could tell she was annoyed that I was late — again.

That was a normal day.  My wife was home taking care of the household chore.  That included cooking a dinner for the family.  In a normal day, I would be late for dinner.  In fact, even if I got home early, I would continue to do my work in the study — until I was told dinner was ready.  Even with the dinner-ready announcement, I continued to work for some time (kind of to finish the things at hand) and would show up late at the dinner table.  My wife was not happy.

In recent months, our roles switched.  My wife is now working full-time.  I stay home to take care of the household chore.  That includes cooking a dinner for the family.  Now it is my turn to ask whether and when she will come home for dinner.  Just like me in the past, she is often late for dinner.  I feel annoyed.

Yes, I feel annoyed by my wife’s being late for dinner.  I am even more annoyed by my being late for dinner when my wife was the cook.  Today, I start to understand how much I was hurting my wife back then — but only when finally we have a role switch.

Because I have been through it, I am more sympathetic of the hectic schedule of my love ones, and thus try to be more tolerant and supportive.


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