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Can you believe that?

Posted in Hong Kong, Information by kafuwong on July 2, 2015

Saw an article a couple days ago about a comparison of prices of beer across the globe.  Hong Kong is the second most expensive city to consumer beer at the pub.  (http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/economy/article/1830376/hong-kong-second-most-expensive-city-world-beer-drinkers)  Should we be surprised to see the catchy DISTORTED titles such as “Hong Kong second most expensive city in the world for beer drinkers”?  

I could not help sharing it with a beer buddy who knows a thing or two about beer and has been in Hong Kong a couple of times.  I added my observation:  “Much cheaper to buy from supermarkets.”

I am not surprised that he had already seen the study because beer is always on his radar.  Here is his comments:

This study has been well publicized but has a fundamental distortion in its methodology. I read the longer version in the Wall Street Journal. It picked the bar prices from only three hotel chains..Hilton, Best Western, and Holiday Inn..to create its pricing index. As most travelers know, hotel bar prices are likely to be inflated over the regular market offerings. This is well illustrated by the bar prices published for Prague with an average price of $4.32 for a 1/3 liter. Even very good microbrews in a normal Prague pub sell for around $1.80 for a 1/2 liter.

So while the study may be generally correct in a comparative analysis of bar prices for cities, it gives a distorted pricing level. It’s pretty much like most of those ever-present annoying “best or most expensive cities” lists in which the originator (usually in the travel or relocation business) of the “study” uses an expedient methodology that addresses the tourist or ex-pat with company/institutional financial subsidy audience instead of the traveler or resident of those cities.

I think we have a lot to learn from him.  In reading any report, mind the details.  The title “Hong Kong second most expensive city in the world for beer drinkers” is biased/distorted and is meant to catch our attention. I wonder how many of us would question the information contained in the title?  How many of us would read the news content for additional information.    How many of us would try to read the report to find out what is really in it? How many of us would read the “fine print” and “research methodology” in the report for additional information?

The problem is: when we have so much information floating around, how can we read the details of every report and be able to tell which is trustworthy and which is not?  Difficult!

At least, now, we know not to trust the newspaper title “Hong Kong second most expensive city in the world for beer drinkers” and anything similar.


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